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Safety First

Newborn sessions | Cleanliness + Health policy

Newborns have a vulnerable immune system, so my policy around cleanliness and health is very important to me, even more so because of the recent pandemic.


Below are some of the precautions I currently have in place to keep myself, my family, and my clients safe. I also added additional precautions for Covid-19 as it is still a health concern to the general public.


• Before and after every session, I personally clean and disinfect all items that are used the session. I use hospital-grade antibacterial cleansers to disinfect hard items and props and launder soft goods.


• I wash my hands regularly, and use hand sanitizer throughout the session, as well as before handling the baby.


Additional precautions added due to the Covid-19 pandemic:


• I will wear a face covering during newborn sessions.


• Currently, only the immediate family (mom, dad, siblings) may be present during the session.

Newborn Training + Education

I continually invest in current my education of best practices in the handling of newborn babies and small children. I have completed numerous newborn posing and safety courses by Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI), and attend annual, safety workshops to stay current on best practices.

Safe Newborn posing

I know it can be a little concerning to have a stranger handle your precious new baby. I take this very seriously, and the safety and health of my clients– especially the teeniest ones– is the most important element of any photography session I do.


Hands On–

I photograph newborns with a 35mm lens, which allows me to always be within arms reach of the baby.



I only will pose newborns in the positions that I have been trained to safely pose them in. I will never push a baby to pose in any way that is unsafe or causes pain. I strongly urge untrained individuals from attempting any posing of newborns.


Image Composites–

Some of the more complicated newborn poses are achieved through image compositing (PhotoShop). This means that I take 2 or more photos and merge them together. This allows me to ensure that I am properly supporting the baby at all times.

Props and tools

Quality Props–

I use various photography props in my newborn and milestone sessions, like little beds, buckets, crates, baskets, bowls, etc. These items are purchased through professional prop vendors for photographers. Each and every item is inspected for sharp edges or rough elements that could come in contact with baby or child.


Inside the Newborn Props–

For any prop that a baby is posed in, I use soft, weighted posing beans and cushions under them to counter the baby's weight as well as prevent tipping. I also use specially designed blocks for supporting the baby on the posing table, which are under 8+ layers of fabric so that the newborn safely stays in place and is never resting on a hard surface.


The Pretty Things–

The wraps and prop outfits I use are made of quality, natural materials and are hand-washed with baby-safe detergent to prevent skin irritation. I also use natural furs and woven wool layers to create texture and layering in props, and these materials are also cleaned after each use.

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