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Photo credit: Twig & Olive Photography

Hi! I'm Erika, photographer at Lad + Lass Photography. I'm so glad you've come to visit!


As an artist, I always long to create something beautiful for myself and others to enjoy. My favorite part of photographing families is capturing the subtle moments of love and connection– a tiny newborn cuddled up on daddy's chest, the unabashed laughter of a tickled toddler, a quiet moment in the arms of your significant other...those are the kind of moments I cherish, and I want to capture the same memories for your family.


I invite you to explore my portfolio of work and see what you can expect from a portrait session with me.


While I'm always sure to do the traditional posed portraits in every session, the artist in me is always looking for something a little more meaningful. My clients love the images I capture for them where everyone is connected and focused on each other, instead of stiffly smiling or saying "cheese" at my camera. I also adore those "unposed" moments that reveal the love you share and the personalities that make your family unique.