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Frequently asked questions

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Where do the newborn session take place?

Lad + Lass Photography Newborn Sessions take place in the safety and comfort of my Appleton, WI studio.


I can also make special arrangements to bring the studio to you! My portable newborn studio includes lighting, floors, and backdrops to photograph newborn images in the style seen in my portfolio.

what is a fresh 48 newborn session?

Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions happen during the first 2 days (48 hours) after birth, and take place in the hospital or birth center. (currently not available due to Covid 19 protocols). They are meant to capture the realness of the post-birth experience and the connections that are made as you get to know your precious new baby.


Fresh 48 newborn sessions are photographed with a documentary "au natural" approach, with natural lighting and little to no staging or props. I like to capture images like a parent holding the baby skin-to-skin, the awe of siblings meeting for the first time, and those teeny-tiny fingers and toes.


Fresh 48 sessions will be delivered edited as black and white photos, but I will also provide you with the color versions of your purchased images as well.


When is the best time to have my Newborn photographed?

Fresh 48 sessions take place in the first 48 hours after birth, and the ideal timeframe to photograph in-home newborn sessions is within the first 2 weeks after birth. I do, however, photograph babies that fall outside that timeframe, but it does become less likely we can capture all the squishy poses when the baby more alert and active.


Preemies or babies who have been in the NICU after birth can typically be photographed a bit older, and I am always willing to adjust the session date for those scenarios.

how long are the sessions?

Newborn Sessions can take some time, depending on the session chosen and the temperament of the baby, session could last 1-4 hours. Newborn sessions ideally begin in the morning, and will be planned around the baby's sleep and feeding schedule.


Sessions could run a little longer depending on baby. I strongly suggest you do not schedule any other appointments for the day of your session.

What do you bring for the session? Do I need to find outfits or props?

I cover everything we need for the session, you just supply the baby!


I have an ever-changing client closet of high quality, hand-made props to style your session. I love incorporating natural textured layers, and recommend neutral, muted, or rich color palettes to create timeless images for your gallery. You are also welcome to request your favorite colors and props for your session. Additionally, if you have a sentimental item that you want to include in the session, I will do my best to incorporate it.


I capture a variety of different looks in your session. For each setup, I change out some of the wraps and accessories to get different looks. Additionally, I will shot several angles of each pose to offer you a variety of options in your gallery.

What happens if the baby arrives early or later than expected?

I'll check in close to your due date for an update on your baby’s status. If your baby arrives before I then, just contact me as soon as possible to schedule your session for an earlier date.


Similarly, if your baby arrives later than planned, we can push your session date out. I definitely want your session to be at the most ideal time based on their birth date and health of your baby.

can I get photos of the family in the newborn session?

The majority of your session time will be spent on capturing a variety of newborn poses because of the time needed to setup, calm, and pose baby. However, I am happy to spend a some time photographing siblings and/or parent pictures to capture this special time at no additional cost.

Do you photograph twins?

Yes, I love to photograph multiples! I'll bring extra props to accommodate the babies, and I will capture images of each twin individually and together.

what kind of retouching do you do for newborn photographs?

I lightly retouch your baby’s images, primarily removing any scratches, red spots, flaky skin, bruising, or blotchiness from the delivery while maintaining your baby’s character and natural beauty. If you have a special editing request for your baby, please inform me at the session so we can do me best to take care of it in the final editing.

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